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Ucore Rare Metals Gets $4.9 Million For MRT Royalty

Ucore Rare Metals (TSXV:UCU) has granted a royalty to a high net worth US-based investor on the sale of products and services related to processing rare earth elements using the SuperLig® Molecular Recognition Technology (MRT). The investor will pay US$4 million (C$4.9 million) for the royalty.

Ucore Rare Metals Updates on MRT Rare Earth Separation

Ucore Rare Metals (TSXV:UCU) released further test results regarding the use of IBC Advanced Technologies' Molecular Recognition Technology (MRT) for the separation of rare earths. Sprott reported that the process has achieved separated samarium and gadolinium at 99.2 percent purity.

Ucore Rare Metals Ken Collison MRT technology interview

Recent Discoveries in the Rare Earths Sector

Lately there have been several new discoveries of rare earths mineralization, and at least one company has expanded mineralization at its project. The news is encouraging in that while rare earths are not actually very rare in terms of distribution in the Earth’s crust, it’s difficult to find deposits that are economically mineable.