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Rare Earth Recycling: Enter the New Reality

Increasingly the world has started talking about rare earths recycling. The buzz word that has popped up is Urban Mining. Discarded high tech goods (e-waste) contain a whole host of materials that are invaluable such as rare earths, gold, silver, antimony and many more. The roadblock to capitalizing on this vast resource of otherwise unwanted material is pure economic viability.

An End in Sight for Chinese Dominance over Rare Earths

Companies are looking to develop electric motors with a reduced percentage of rare earth oxides, after a turbulent market sparked by Chinese trading policy destabilized the market and influenced prices. Investments in new rare earth mines will provide non-Chinese REE’s to fill in supply gaps.

Daido to Triple China Rare Earth Magnet Output

Bloomberg reports that Japan’s Daido Electronics, the world’s fourth-largest rare-earth magnet maker, plans to triple output in China so it can boost international sales and gain ground on its three bigger domestic rivals.