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Texas Rare Earth Resources Making Progress with K-Tech Separation Process

Texas Rare Earth announced a key advancement in the development of its rare earth element separation process on Tuesday. Using its continuous ion chromatography methodology, K-Technologies has removed much of the rare earths lanthanum and cerium from a pregnant leach solution containing rare earths from Texas Rare Earth's Round Top deposit.

Texas Rare Earth Produces Mid/Heavy Rare Earth Concentrate

Texas Rare Earth Resources (OTCQX:TRER) reported that using the K-Technologies Inc. continuous ion chromatography methodology, it has removed cerium and lanthanum from a purified pregnant leach solution feedstock in a low-cost manner. The product may be processed to make a commercially marketable mid/heavy rare earth mixed concentrate.

Companies Gain Following Rare Earths Report on 60 Minutes

It isn't every day that rare earths are featured in the mainstream media. However, the rare earths sector was on the rise on Monday following a "60 Minutes" report that looked at the rise of China's dominance in the industry and the importance of rare earths in modern technology.

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Ryan Castilloux: Magnet Rare Earths Prices Moving Higher on Increased Demand

At PDAC, Ryan Castilloux of Adamas Intelligence took a few minutes to share his thoughts on the rare earths market in 2015. Overall, he sees prices increasing for several heavy rare earths used in magnets on the back of increased demand from rare earths magnet manufacturers.