Investing in Rare Earths

In addition to news and commentary on the rare earth market and companies exploring and producing rare earth, Rare Earth Investing News also provides you with background you need for understanding the rare earth market so you can make informed investment decisions. Please see the links below for detailed information. Please contact us if you have suggestions for other educational content you would like to see.

Introduction to Rare Earth Investing

It is a tiny and illiquid industry, with global demand of around 135,000 tonnes a year. And its elements have unpronounceable names like terbium, dysprosium, holmium, cerium, europeum, and Ytterbium, to name just a few.
Yet it has taken the world by storm.  Read more…

Rare Earths or Rare Metals?

It is important to note the distinction between rare earth elements and similar terms used in the resource sector. Two classifications that are often confused with rare earth elements are Rare Earth and Rare Metals. Read More. . .

Rare Earth Prices

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Common Applications

Understanding the rare earth markets can be as confusing as pronouncing the various names of the metals. Made up of 17 different elements, ‘rare earths’ are not actually all that rare in the earths crust. However, the economic viability of the processing of ore make them one of the least mined substances in the world. Understanding the different elements and their uses is essential for taking advantage of this growing market. Read more . . .

World Class Rare Earth Deposits

Rare Earths are not found as free metals in the earth’s crust, but rather within a mixed ‘cocktail’ of Rare Earth elements that need to be separated out into their individual components. To make exploration for rare earth elements profitable, deposits need to be discovered in areas where REEs occur in dense concentration, and there are very few areas in North America where the rare earths are found in abundance.

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Rare Earth Investing Glossary

This glossary covers investing in junior resource companies. For the experienced investor or the newbie, you should find everything you need here. If not, let us know and we’ll research and add what you’re looking for. Coming Soon!

Rare Earth Reader Survey Results

The results of our reader survey show a dramatic increase in the level of interest and investment in the rare earth markets. The rise of rare earths in 2010 is a direct result of Chinese export policies have that helped the dramatic rise of rare earth prices. Read more…