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China Says 40 Percent of Magnetic REE Supply Illegal

Simon Moores of Benchmark Minerals reported that a much larger portion of China's rare earths production is illegal than initially anticipated. Specifically, a large portion of rare earth elements used in the production of high strength magnets has been found to be illegally produced.

China Rare Earth Exchange Enhances Transparency

Xinhua reported that since opening in March, China's first rare earth exchange has been in good operation, with over 9,700 tonnes of rare earths having been traded since the end of September.

China REE Exports Spike Following WTO Ruling

China's rare earth exports shot up by over 31 percent last month. The spike comes after the WTO ruled last month that China's quotas and export duties on the resource went against WTO rules, according to the Economic Times.

Rare Earths Producers Still Beholden to Chinese Supply

In an article for Tradingfloor.com, Adam Courtenay suggests that the performance of rare earths producers such as Australia's Lynas Corp (ASX:LYC) and Molycorp (NYSE:MCP) is still tied to how much rare earths supply China releases into the market. However, the author saw things looking up overall for producers outside of China.