Commerce Resources Corp(TSXV:CCE) announced additional results from metallurgical programs at their Ashram Rare Earth Element Deposit.

As quoted in the press release:

Using conventional beneficiation and flotation techniques, multiple mineral concentrates of greater than 30% Total Rare Earth Oxide (TREO) have been produced including 40.0% TREO at 51.9% recovery, 30.7% TREO at 51.9% recovery, and 38.2% TREO at 44.8% recovery.  These results represent TREO upgrading of over 15 times the original grade into less than 5% of the original mass (i.e. a mass reduction of more than 95%).  In addition, mineral concentrate grades of 18.2% TREO at 73.0% recovery and 27.2% TREO at 58.4% recovery have been produced.  This demonstrates that high-grade mineral concentrates with higher recoveries are achievable.

Commerce Resources’ President, David Hodge, said:

We are excited by the considerable increase in mineral concentrate grades and recoveries over the past 3-4 months.  The REE mineral concentrates produced from Ashram appear to be the highest grade of any developing rare earth project.  Our ability to create a high-grade mineral concentrate will lead to reduced downstream processing costs and acid consumption.  This will have a positive and direct impact on the Ashram Project’s OPEX.

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