IBC Advanced Alloys Corp. (TSXV:IB,OTCQX:IAALF) extended its advanced beryllium oxide (BeO) nuclear fuels research agreements with Purdue University and Texas A&M University until December 31, 2013.

As quoted in the press release:

The extension will provide Purdue and TAMU additional time to complete the necessary project objectives of developing and verifying thermal performance models, performing safety analyses and quantifying the neutronic performance merits for UO2-BeO fuel in nuclear power reactor cores.

IBC Advanced Alloys President and CEO Anthony Dutton said:

This extension will allow all research participants to thoroughly complete this current R&D cycle and to evaluate both the new data and the next steps towards developing a safer and more efficient fuel. We are keen to continue our R&D and are in discussions with potential industry partners regarding possible collaboration and joint funding to advance this innovative accident tolerant fuel technology.

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