Search Minerals Inc. Announces Results from Pesky Hill Prospect

 Search Minerals Inc. (TSXV:SMY) announced results from the 1213 m NQ drilling program on the Pesky Hill Prospect in Labrador. Heavy Rare Earth Element-Zirconium-Yttrium-Niobium vein-hosted mineralization was intersected and 38 holes shallow vertical holes (1213 m) ranging from 26 to 50 m in depth were drilled as part of the $250,000 phase one exploration NQ drilling program. The Zirconium Showing contained some of the highest grade Heavy Rare Earth Element vein mineralization (PHD-12-33) and is open at depth.

As quoted in the press release:

Significant results include:

  • DDH PHD-12-16 intersected 0.66% Y (0.84% Y2O3), 1.04% Zr (1.40% ZrO2), 1.02% Nb (1.46% Nb2O5), 0.12% Dy (0.14% Dy2O3) comprised of 64% HREE + Y (42.5% HREE) over an interval of 2.56m
  • DDH PHD-12-33 intersected 0.70% Y (0.88% Y2O3), 1.27% Zr (1.71% ZrO2), 0.96% Nb (1.37% Nb2O5), 0.13% Dy (0.15% Dy2O3) comprised of 71.1% HREE + Y (48.5% HREE) over an interval of 2.25m

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