Orbite Aluminae (TSX:ORT) announced that it has prepared a series of detailed white papers covering its technology, markets and competitive advantages.

As quoted in the press release:

The white papers cover a variety of subjects explaining Orbite’s technology, the science behind alumina extraction, and information on several rare earth elements.  The reports also clarify how Orbite’s technology not only prevents the creation of red mud but can actually remediate such toxic by-products, which contain up to 20-25% alumina.  In the process, Orbite can retrieve all other valuable elements in the waste, turning the typically costly process of disposing of red mud into a revenue generator.

Richard Boudreault, President and CEO of Orbite, commented:

Orbite is pleased to share these in-depth white papers with our investors, customers, and industry colleagues, as they lay the foundation for our growth strategy going forward. While our business is considered complex by many, our vision is clear – to leverage our advanced technology to cleanly extract alumina and other elements from the earth, meeting rising industry demand.  Orbite’s proprietary process for alumina extraction does not produce toxic red mud, as do conventional methods; our non-polluting technology recovers a high percentage of alumina and other minerals found therein.  We are on track to have our first factory up and running by year’s end, with revenue projected for the first quarter of 2013.

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