China’s Weakening Hold on the Global Rare Earths Market

China’s Weakening Hold on the Global Rare Earths Market

China was once responsible for over 90 percent of global rare earths production, allowing it to restrict exports and manipulate prices. However, following a WTO ruling against that practice earlier this year and moves to crack down on illegal mining, China's share of global rare earths production could be dropping.

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Orbite Aluminae Receives Chemical Institute of Canada Award

Orbite Aluminae Inc. (TSX:ORT,OTCQX:EORBF) has been awarded the green chemistry and engineering network award from the Chemical Institute of Canada. The award recognizes significant contributions to green chemistry and engineering, and considers the technical, economic, human health and environmental benefits of new processes.

Northern Minerals Receives Environmental Approval for Browns Range

Northern Minerals Ltd. (ASX:NTU) announced that the government of Western Australia has given environmental approval for the proposed mine and ore processing facility at Browns Range, the company's heavy rare earths project.

Algonquin First Nations Oppose Quebec’s Investment in Matamec Explorations

The chief and members of the Wolf Lake and Eagle Village First Nations wrote to the Quebec government on Thursday, opposing Quebec's million dollar investment in Matamec Explorations (TSX:MAT) Kipawa Rare Earths project. The Algonquin First Nations believe the project has the potential for significant negative effects on their rights and title, environment and culture.

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China Says 40 Percent of Magnetic REE Supply Illegal

Simon Moores of Benchmark Minerals reported that a much larger portion of China's rare earths production is illegal than initially anticipated. Specifically, a large portion of rare earth elements used in the production of high strength magnets has been found to be illegally produced.

Global Rare Earths Market to Surpass US$8.19 Billion by 2018

Transparency Market Research has released a new report on the global rare earth metals market. The firm expects the market for rare earths to grow steady over the next five years on the back of growing demand for rechargeable batteries, clean energy and cleaner technologies.

China Rare Earth Exchange Enhances Transparency

Xinhua reported that since opening in March, China's first rare earth exchange has been in good operation, with over 9,700 tonnes of rare earths having been traded since the end of September.

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