8 Top Rare Earth-producing Countries

8 Top Rare Earth-producing Countries

While China may have a stranglehold on the rare earths market, it's not the only country producing the metals. Here's a look at the eight top rare earth-producing countries of 2014, as per statistics from the US Geological Survey.

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Don Lay of Medallion Resources Talks Rare Earths Prices

China removed its export tariffs on rare earths, tungsten and molybdenum at the start of May. Shortly afterwards it announced changes to its resource tax regime for rare earths. A number of analysts and market watchers have commented on how those changes might affect rare earths prices — here, Don Lay of Medallion Resources weighs in with his thoughts.

Ryan Castilloux: Magnet Rare Earths Prices Moving Higher on Increased Demand

At PDAC, Ryan Castilloux of Adamas Intelligence took a few minutes to share his thoughts on the rare earths market in 2015. Overall, he sees prices increasing for several heavy rare earths used in magnets on the back of increased demand from rare earths magnet manufacturers.

Ucore’s Ken Collison: MRT to ‘Revolutionize the Rare Earth Business’

At PDAC, Resource Investing News spoke with Ucore COO Ken Collison to get more insight into the company's latest news. This week, the company reported the success of IBC's MRT technology for the separation of rare earth elements, and also secured exclusive rights to the technology for $2.9 million.

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IAEA: Lynas Corp’s LAMP Facility Poses Little Radiation Risk to Local Residents

AAP reported that the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has found that Lynas Corporation's (ASX:LYC) rare earth processing facility in Malaysia poses little radiation risk to those living in the local area. The Lynas Advanced Materials Processing (LAMP) facility has been fairly controversial, with activists and protestors calling for operations to be shut down due to fears of radiation.

Tasman Metals: Norra Karr Featured in European Commissions “ERECON” study

Tasman Metals (TSXV:TSM) reported that its Norra Karr heavy rare earths project was featured in a report by the European Commission on the risks and opportunities within the European rare earth element (REE) supply chain. The study was completed by the European Rare Earths Competency Network.

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Peruvian Discovery Site May Hold a Pool of Rare Earths

Mining.com reported that studies carried out by U.S.-based rare earth explorer RioSol and its Peruvian mining arm Compañía Minera Rio Sol have revealed that rare earth element and poly-metallic claim discovery in Peru have confirmed the presence of the elements at the site.

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